VETEC-U.S. Education Center held a lively briefing session with East Los Angeles College on June 21st.    Vi Ly, Dean of Student Affairs at East Los Angeles College(ELAC), provided a detailed briefing about opportunities to study at a U.S. Community College and the advantages of 2+2 pathways at leading California and U.S. universities.     Students who were unable to attend the June 21st event are encouraged to contact VETEC to learn about study opportunities at ELAC and how to qualify for a special international scholarship available when applying through VETEC.

VETEC hosts Vi Ly, East Los Angeles College on June 21st.

Ai Chau greeted by Vi Ly, Dean, East Los Angeles College at VETEC

VETEC is pleased to congratulate Ai Chau who successfully passed her visa interview on June 5th.  Ai Chau will be attending East Los Angeles College(ELAC) beginning Fall 2014.

Ai Chau sought assistance from VETEC in early 2014 to identify school options and provide application support.


Ai Chau poses with her mother after successfully passing her U.S. Visa interview on June 5th, 2014

VETEC-U.S. Education Center welcomed a motivated group of students and parents on June 11th to hear about study opportunities at San Jose City College(SJCC).   SJCC International Student Program Director,  Dorian Tran,  provided a very informative briefing and answered a number of questions related to study options at SJCC including the International Transfer Agreement Guarantee or ITAG,  popular study majors and available student services.

VETEC and SJCC will soon be announcing a special scholarship available for qualified students who apply for Spring 2015 or Fall 2015 intakes.

The latest SEVP report released on May 7th shows that 20, 832 Vietnamese were studying in the U.S, up 4% since January 2014.    Secondary student and undergraduate placements are pacing this new growth.

VETEC hosted a U.S. Study Fair on November 2nd that included participation from 8 U.S. schools coming from California, Illinois, Missouri and Washington State.   The fair drew a strong turnout with more than 150 students and parents attending the four hour event.   The participating schools were very pleased with the quality of the student attendees and expect that a number of the students they met with will apply for admission as early as Spring 2014.   VETEC plans to build on the momentum of the VETEC Student Fair and other Fall promotion activities  by hosting a set of high-impact marketing events in Spring 2014.    U.S. schools are encouraged to consider participating in the March events planned in Can Tho and HCMC to begin or jump starting recruitment efforts in Vietnam.



The 2013 Open Doors Report underscores the importance of Vietnam as a host market for international students in the U.S.    Vietnam remains the 8th largest host market and one of the few markets in Asia showing continued growth- from 15, 572 in 2011/2012 to 16,098 in 2012/2013.     Vietnam is also the 3rd largest host market for community college students, nearly 9% of all associate degree students hail from Vietnam.

ank Place of Origin 2011/12 2012/13 2012/13 % of Total % Change
WORLD TOTAL 764,495 819,644 100.0 7.2
1 China 194,029 235,597 28.7 21.4
2 India 100,270 96,754 11.8 -3.5
3 South Korea 72,295 70,627 8.6 -2.3
4 Saudi Arabia 34,139 44,566 5.4 30.5
5 Canada 26,821 27,357 3.3 2.0
6 Taiwan 23,250 21,867 2.7 -5.9
7 Japan 19,966 19,568 2.4 -2.0
8 Vietnam 15,572 16,098 2.0 3.4
9 Mexico 13,893 14,199 1.7 2.2