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VETEC is pleased to announce a re-launch of our Vietnamese/English website, .  This updated website is actively supported by  robust social media promotion to educate and target qualified Vietnamese students.
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California ETEC Receives Presidential “E Star” Award for Export Service


Irvine, California –  California ETEC was awarded the President’s  “E Star” Award for Export Service by U.S.  Department of Commerce Secretary Penny Pritzker at the Department’s headquarters in Washington, D.C. on May 16th, 2016.

The “E” Awards are the highest recognition any U.S. entity may receive for making a significant contribution to the expansion of U.S. exports. California ETEC has demonstrated a sustained commitment to export expansion, promoting U.S. Education services throughout Asia.

Secretary of Commerce Pritzker noted, “The organization’s expansion of programs to reach international students in Thailand, China, Vietnam and Burma were particularly notable.”

Since 2006, California ETEC has provided a platform for U.S. education and training providers to recruit international students and deliver education programs throughout Asia and the Middle East.  California ETEC maintains overseas recruitment offices in Beijing, China and HCMC, Vietnam, two of the six largest host countries for international students.

“The recruitment of international students to California and U.S. campuses has been our exclusive focus the past 10 years, and we are honored to receive the “E Star” Award,” said Mark Matsumoto, California ETEC, President and CEO.

The export of education services generates more than $31 billion dollars in exports for the U.S.  and contributes nearly $5 billion dollars to the local economy in California. Moreover, revenues from international student tuition and overseas program delivery are increasingly counted upon to make up for shortfalls in public and private education funding in the United States.

California ETEC provides an array services for education providers to expand their international student recruitment or develop new international linkages. The organization has recently launched a comprehensive program to support secondary education providers to begin or expand international recruitment.   California ETEC’s College Pathway Program(CPP) is a low-risk program designed to  assist fledging international student programs blossom at rural and small cities.

California ETEC demonstrated a substantial increase in the volume of exports over the past four-year period, a major criteria for the award.

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Vietnam has vaulted into 6th place as a country of origin in the latest SEVP Report.  Combined with surge of interest from neighboring countries, S.E. Asia is poised to become the most dynamic recruitment market for U.S. schools.

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California ETEC hosted a week long recruitment tour with stops in Bangkok, Thailand, Yangon, Myanmar, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam,  March 14-19th.  These recents events proved to be highly productive and indicate strong opportunities for near-term recruitment success in each country. 

A brief recap of Spring events can be downloaded below-

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California ETEC is pleased to announce  a 3 country, 1 week recruitment tour focused on established and emerging markets in S.E. Asia.   The three country tour includes stops in Bangkok, Thailand,  Yangon, Myanmar and HCMC, Vietnam. March 14-19th.  VETEC established an in-country presence in Vietnam with the support of the U.S. Department of Commerce in 2012 and has been facilitating recruitment in Vietnam and Thailand for more than a decade.    At the request of CA ETEC’s school partners,  Myanmar was added as a recruitment stop.

Events include visits to leading public and private high schools,  exclusive U.S. Study Fair(Vietnam),  U.S. Visa briefings and optional study agent networking matchmaking.

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SEVP’s latest report, released on December 15th reveals that Vietnam is now the 5th largest host market for international students in the U.S.  The report reflects all classes of student and exchange visas- and places Vietnam above Japan and Taiwan.    Vietnam and S.E. Asia clearly need to be consider for active engagement in 2016.

The historic elections that took place earlier this month in Myanmar  are a very favorable signal  for U.S. schools seeking to begin engagement with this long ignored market.

A recent article in the ICEF Monitor that is linked below offers keen analysis about market conditions and desire for educational cooperation sought by Myanmar.

VETEC will be leading the first official delegation coordinated by the US government to Myanmar on March 16, 2016.

November 16, 2016-  Open Doors released their annual report of International Student Enrollment in the U.S. and Vietnam was highlighted as one of the important growth markets.

Vietnam’s importance as a top place of origin for international students was evident in the latest Open Doors Report.    Vietnam is the #9 host market for international students in the U.S,  growing from 16, 579 in 2013/2014 to 18, ,722 in 2014/2015 for a percent change of 12.9 percent.   More importantly,  Vietnam is a clear number three host market for Community College students and poised to overtake Korea as the 2nd largest source for Associates Students in the coming year.      Vietnam sent 8.4% of all community college students to the U.S. in 2014/2015.

Thailand maintained its position as a Top 25 place of origin for International students and was the 17th largest source for Community College students in the U.S.

For further details,  please visit  ( Fast Facts 2015).

* Open Doors compiles self-reported data from U.S. Higher Education and does include secondary students and many other student classes in their aggregate numbers. *