California ETEC and our local branch office in Vietnam(VETEC) coordinated a two country recruitment tour in Bangkok, Thailand and HCMC, Vietnam,  March 18-21.   A delegation of 8 U.S. schools joined events in both countries and were treated to strong student interest in each country

Events included:

Bangkok, Thailand:

High School Visits at leading international schools around Bangkok

U.S. Consulate Briefing

Study Agent Networking Reception


HCMC, Vietnam:

Visits to a gifted public high school and leading international bi-lingual school in HCM

U.S. Consulate Briefing

VETEC Study Fair attended by more than 200 qualified students and parents


Dr. James Badger,  University of North Georgia,  noted,  ” It was encouraging that my visits to the schools and the study fair with your company, VETEC, resulted in a serious application.  Your company provided very good introductions.  I hope to join VETEC again.  “






VETEC hosted a U.S. Study Fair on November 2nd that included participation from 8 U.S. schools coming from California, Illinois, Missouri and Washington State.   The fair drew a strong turnout with more than 150 students and parents attending the four hour event.   The participating schools were very pleased with the quality of the student attendees and expect that a number of the students they met with will apply for admission as early as Spring 2014.   VETEC plans to build on the momentum of the VETEC Student Fair and other Fall promotion activities  by hosting a set of high-impact marketing events in Spring 2014.    U.S. schools are encouraged to consider participating in the March events planned in Can Tho and HCMC to begin or jump starting recruitment efforts in Vietnam.



InterContinental Asiana Saigon

CORNER HAI BA TRUNGHO CHI MINH VIETNAM | Thursday, November 7 | Fair: 6:30pm – 8:30pm

Admiral Farragut Academy (Coed)
St. Petersburg , Florida
Amelia Fitzsimmons 
Rothesay Netherwood School (Coed)
Rothesay , New Brunswick Canada
Jayne Murray 
Albert College (Coed)
Belleville , Ontario Canada
Heather Kidd 
Saint John’s Preparatory School (Coed)
Collegeville , Minnesota
Jeremy Meyer 
Appleby College (Coed)
Oakville , Ontario
Katherine Fung-Surya 
Sandy Spring Friends School (Coed)
Sandy Spring , Maryland
Mu-Chen Lin 
Ashley Hall School (Girls Only)
Charleston , South Carolina
Amelia Jenkins 
St. Andrew’s College (Boys Only)
Aurora , Ontario Canada
Michael Choi 
Bishop’s College School (Coed)
Sherbrooke , Quebec
Greg McConnell 
St. Michaels University School (Coed)
Victoria , British Columbia Canada
Shannon Drew 
Carson Long Military Acdemy (Boys Only)
New Bloomfield , Pennsylvania
Michael Pray 
St. Thomas More School (Boys)
Oakdale , Connecticut
Timothy Riordan 
Cheshire Academy (Coed)
Cheshire , Connecticut
Kristen Mariotti 
The Athenian School (Coed)
Danville , California
Christopher Beeson 
Fryeburg Academy (Coed)
Fryeburg , Maine
Christopher Hibbard 
The Brook Hill School (Coed)
Bullard , Texas
Landry Humphries 
Grier School (Girls Only)
Tyrone , Pennsylvania
Andrew Grier 
The Northwest School (Coed)
Seattle , Washington
Dmitry Sherbakov 
Havergal College (Girls Only)
Toronto , Ontario, Canada
Jenifer Mandala 
Thomas More Prep-Marian (Coed)
Hays , Kansas
Angie Roth 
Lakefield College School (Coed)
Lakefield , Ontario Canada
Struan Robertson 
Trafalgar Castle School (Girls Only)
Whitby , Ontario Canada
Sharon Magor 
Linden Hall (Girls Only)
Lititz , Pennsylvania
Katherine Rill 
Washington Academy (Coed)
East Machias , Maine
Robin Moloff-Gautier 
Montverde Academy (Coed)
Montverde , Florida
Stephanie VanderVoort 
Wayland Academy (Coed)
Beaver Dam , Wisconsin
Paul Keller 
Pickering College (Coed)
Newmarket , Ontario Canada
Jessie-May Rowntree 

November 12, 2012- Today the Institute of International Education released their annual profile of international students in the United States and for the second consecutive year Vietnam was the 8th leading country of origin.    Unfortunately, the metoric growth witnessed just a few years ago ( Vietnam witnessed 40%+ growth just 4 years ago) has slowed dramatically.    U.S. schools must now consider thoughtful engagement strategies to systemically brand and market  themselves in the increasingly competitive Vietnam recruitment  market.   VETEC is well positioned to support U.S. schools seeking a more comprehensive approach than simply participating in Spring/Fall Study Fairs or assigning 3rd party study abroad agencies.   We invite US schools to contact  us at to see how our dynamic, in-country office can help  your school more effectively compete for qualified Vietnamese students.



INSTITUTE OF INTERNATIONAL EDUCATION Educational Exchange Data from Open Doors 2012

In the 2011/12 academic year, 15,572 students from Vietnam were studying in the United States (up 4.6% from the previous year). Vietnam is the eighth leading place of origin for students coming to the United States.

Academic Level: The majority of Vietnamese students study at the undergraduate level. In 2011/12, their breakdown was as follows:

72.2% undergraduate
17% graduate students
5.5% other
5.2% OPT (Optional Practical Training)

Historical trends: The number of students from Vietnam fluctuated moderately throughout the 1980s and
1990s with a steady trend of growth beginning in the late 1990s. The number of Vietnamese students has risen significantly since 1998/99, with double-digit growth in many years. Vietnam has been a top 20 place of origin since 2006/07 and remains a top 10 place of origin for international students in the United States since 2010/11.

Year # of Students
From Vietnam % Change from
Previous Year
2011/12 15,572 4.6% n/a
2010/11 14,888 13.5%
2009/10 13,112 2.3%
2008/09 12,823 46.2%
2007/08 8,769   45.3%
2006/07 6,036 31.3%
2005/06 4,597 25.3%
2004/05 3,670 16.0%
2003/04 3,165 16.3%
2002/03 2,722 7.5%
2001/02 2,531 25.2%
2000/01 2,022 -10.8%
1999/00 2,266 42.8%
1998/99 1,587 – 95